We know that a wedding video isn't always on the "must have" list when planning a wedding, but not having one is almost always on the "biggest regret" list when the wedding is over.  Our goal is to make sure that's not the case!

Your wedding day is a unique moment in time that can never be recreated.  All of your closest family and friends are there with you, and the emotions you feel will be one of a kind.  Hearing the words you speak to each other during your vows, seeing your uncle's crazy dance moves that stand the test of time, and hearing a parent's touching speech years after they're gone are moments you will want to hold on to, and a video can bring those moments back to life!

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Why Choose Forever Fossilized?

When choosing a videographer, it's important to look at the tools they use, the costs and what they include, and hopefully an immense portfolio of sample work.  And after all of those things have been considered, it's important to consider the experience you will be getting when you decide on a videographer.

Our Team.  We are a husband and wife team, team being the most important part when it comes to your wedding day.  We shoot 99% of our weddings together, and after almost 10 years and 150+ weddings shot, we have our system down when it comes to who's shooting what, and knowing what the other is doing at any given time throughout your wedding day.  We're not hiring strangers to go shoot your wedding for us, and we're not letting interns practice their editing skills on your priceless wedding video.  We are with you from start to finish.

Our Experience.  Experience speaks volumes.  Sure, hiring someone fresh out of college and looking to expand their portfolio can keep you under budget, but do you really want to entrust this responsibility to someone who is doing it for their first time?  They say that when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life...well, we LOVE what we do, but let us be the first to tell you, weddings are HARD work!  They are stressful, long days on our feet, where any number of plans can change in a split second.  Having someone that can anticipate changes, adapt to them, and still not miss a moment of your day is something only a seasoned pro can accomplish.  

Getting Personal.  Finally, and we think most importantly, you're not getting a "cookie cutter" experience with us.  We want to meet you, get to know you, laugh with you, and even keep in touch with you when the wedding is over!  We want your experience with us to be uniquely personal, and we want you to be completely comfortable with us.  So ask us questions, even if you think they're stupid!  Tell us about your family quirks and inside jokes.  Challenge us!  Getting to know you and what you're looking for from your video is the only way to tell your story the way it deserves to be told.  

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