Photo Credit:   Schu's Shoots

Photo Credit:  Schu's Shoots

We are Katie and Joe Fasel - pronounced "Fossil" -  and yes, that's where we got our name from!  We love what we do, and we love getting to do it together.  Telling your story is our passion, and the only way to do that is to get to know one another.  So let's do that!   Here are just a few fun facts about us:

 Photo Credit:   Schu's Shoots

Photo Credit:  Schu's Shoots


About Katie!

I'm the "Type A" - the list maker, the pre-planner, the organizer and the worrier.

I'm a cat mom and  love my two orange tabby cats like crazy.  There are more pictures of these two cats on my phone than most people take in their child's lifetime.

I'm a die-hard "Walking Dead" fan.  But only Seasons 1-4, and the Season Finale of Season 8.  Everything else in between is just garbage, but I've already invested too much time to give up!

I'm currently in a bit of a physical fitness phase, and have discovered I love adding [mild]...[ok very mild] weight lifting to my workouts through 80 Day Obsession from Beach Body.  However, my love of all things food and drink kind of gets in the way of my's all about balance, right?

I love to dance, sing, and just have a good time.  I will never NOT dance to "Shake it Off," "Uptown Funk," or "Shut Up and Dance With Me." If these songs are playing at your wedding, there's a good chance I'm dancing behind my camera.  


 Photo Credit:   Schu's Shoots

Photo Credit:  Schu's Shoots


About Joe!

I'm the "Type B" - the "fly by the seat of my pants" type, whatever happens, happens, type.

I used to have long hair and an eyebrow ponytail long hair.  I'm a heavy metal rocker at heart.  I've already purchased my tickets to Metallica's last tour in 2019.

I have a degree in film and video, as well as a degree in photo-journalism.  I'm the artsy eye, and I'm always looking for that unique angle to any shot.

I made a special request for an 11x14 canvas print of the head-shot above, because I look SO. DAMN. GOOD.   We compromised by using it for the website instead.

I, too, love to dance at every wedding.  Mostly in front of Katie's camera, and mostly because she's embarrassed of my slick dance moves.



About Both of Us!

We met in our film classes at GVSU, connected over a love of the show "ER," and really knew that this was forever after spending 6 months apart for a college internship.

We got married in October of 2008, on our five year dating anniversary.  That wasn't planned, we wanted a fall wedding, and it just happened to work out!

We lived in New York City for nearly 5 years and loved it!  The sights, the history, the food, and the amazing friends we made while we were there are just a few of our favorite things.  We try to get back whenever we can, but it's not often enough.  Oh, and did we mention the food?!

We love to travel.  This year we've visited New York (of course), took a road trip in May that took us through 8 states (if you included Michigan), and in October we're going to Mexico with a bunch of friends to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary!

We spend our summers working, obviously.  But on our [very] rare weekends off, we love hosting barbecues, sitting by the bonfire with good friends, and just enjoying Pure Michigan.